City Lights

Something about the romance of the city skyline. From a distance - a collection of shapes and colors juxtaposed upon one another to create an urban quilt. Architectural icons that mark a place..and that place a city's history in time.

No matter what the port of entry..whether the view is a bird's eye one..or a man's - the skline always marks the point of arrival at a much-anticipated destination.

The Sears Tower in Chicago - once thought to be the tallest structure in all of the world. An architectural marvel and wonder.

New York City's Empire State Building. An icon and landmark.

The four-sided Trans-America Pyramid building that marks San Francisco.

Toronto's spikey CN Tower with its pod..suspended in mid-air.

And - Boston's own Hancock Tower. A modernist mimimalist glass tower that renders itself almost invisible from certain perspectives andd points-of-view. It's what marks this city that I call home. Standing separate and erect..reflecting back at us the historic fabric.

Rising out of nowhere - on this rainy day. It's austere strength..softened. Almost a watercolor dream.