This Bottle

The lists are never-ending. What to do...when..what and where. My mind - spinning..struggling to hold on to the make sense of the insensible. A morning promise and pledge to myself that today is going to be the day that I get it ALL done.


As if ALL is even a possibility.

As if - once ALL is done - there won't be more to to.

As if - each day finishes itself with a neat little period. A perfect sentence. Complete and done.

My  mat beckons. Slowly - it calls me into that first downward dog. Feeling my hands and feet  - firmly planted. My hamstrings and neck and shoulders - extending and stretching from within.

My breath slows. My mind loosens its grip..letting go of the thoughts. With each breath..with each movement - I find myself more and more in this here and now and present. From the endless the life lessons. My focus shifts.

This is it. It's all there is.

Time slows..and yet - too quickly - passes. The light changes. My vision. My view. The lists are still there..waiting. But now - I'm grateful for so much on my much to do.

ALL will get itself done.

If not today..then tomorrow. Each  day - an opportunity to start again.