English Tea

The royal wedding. The media and world - it seems - is all abuzz with anticipation and excitement. So much interest and curiosity about what the bride might wear. Will her gown be made of glittering jewels..or simple old-fashioned lace? Or will she wear something that might surpise us? And - what hat will she wear to cover her soon-to-be-royal head?

The conversation has brought to mind - simple tea. What might a proper English afternoon be without?

And - while the much of the world is oogling and googling this spectacle..of sorts - there is a greater part  that is struggling...that is fighting for its daily survival and life..that can't even conceive of such frivolity. For them - there are no fancy flower bouquets..or gowns..or hats...or food feasts. There is no big parade. There is no papparazi - lining up to record their sad and often extraordinarily ordinary stories.

The petals fall. People wake up one morning..expecting it to be just another day. Devastation happens. Sometimes - nature's wrath...and often - that of man's own angry and selfish greed. Earthquakes and tornadoes. Revolution and war.

Tomorrow - we'll rise. We'll watch the prince and his stunning princess wed..and those of us who can - will applaud and cheer. Because - it's easier to dwell in the lives of the rich and famous..than in anything other.