Nearsighted Caterpillar

A promised plan..a path..a road to follow. Somewhere in this maze..I'm told - there will be that. A light will be waiting at the end of this very long tunnel. They say. They reassure me. They tell me everyday.

Right now - it's all so confusing. Overwhelming. I look up..I look down. I look forwards and back. The green I see is endless. There doesn't appear to be any beginning..or any end.

My intention is set. The energy - I'm told - will come after that.

I plod along. Day after day. One of my many small feet..following the other. My steps are small..but not without purpose or direction. I practice my art and my craft. I breathe deep..I breathe slow. I learn to trust in that..and to believe.

It's a journey. It's a life. The destination may look like the ultimate goal. But the prize - I know..I've learned - is in this process.

Make way..make way. A very slow-moving..near-sighted caterpillar is coming thru!