Blink Twice

With the blink of an eye - this season which has been so long in coming - is passing. Just yesterday - the first magnolia blossom was greeted with great enthusiasm and relief. The winter that has been behind us now. This long awaited spring...has - at last -  arrived.

I'm reminded that with every ending..there is a new beginning. With every door closing..another opens. As every bud blossoms and falls away and makes way for what's new.

Already - the magnolia trees have reached their prime. Already - their lovely pink and white is falling..gracing the grass that is quickly greening. I'm wanting to drag my feet..slow things down. This season of transition. I'm wishing for it to take its time changing. Turning from one to the other.

Blink once. The window of opportunity is too short. To soak it all enjoy.

Blink twice. Nothing other than a dream. Come and gone..and into the next season.