Only This

The rewards at the end of this never-ending pose - are the promised May flowers. With only a few short hours between the relentless raindrops it is that hope that we are all holding on to. That once thru this..there will be something on the other side. Waiting.

It's been an endless exercies in patience..perseverance..endurance. With the eyes on the future's often hard to commit and engage in the process. To just be here. To just be now. In this present moment. There is no better or other place to be. No pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. The gold we are within.

Rain...muting and muddying spring outside my window. Blurring my vision.

Sweet..soft..delicate flowers warming from within. Plain and simple. Honest and true.

If there wasn't this..there would be something other. Beckoning..calling..inviting me out to play. But for today - this is it. It's all there is.

Taking a moment to look and see. To cultivate joy and the ordinary damp and wet grey.