Turned Tables

There were thirteen of us gathered around the table. Six from our generation...seven from theirs.

The conversation - which was once all about us - this year..was all about them. Medical school experiences and rotations and internships. Recent law firm acquisitions and hires. Exotic business travel and opportunities. Thesis presentations that were imminently due. Plans for 'what's next' after up and coming college graduations. Fascinating..inspiring..exciting to hear how they've grown and evolved..where they are and who they've become.

Our babies..no longer.

They grew up together. Attended the same schools..played on the same sports teams..vacationed together..and celebrated so many holidays around these same tables. When young they were - of course - all present and accounted for. As they grew and their wingspans spread..they couldn't always return for the annual Passover seder. There were two who were missed - even this year. Off on their own adventures..far away but not forgotten.

And so...it is. It was just yesterday that they were our children. Their lives revolved around us. We were their center..their heart and soul. And so...it isn't anymore.

This year - instead of us grown-ups hiding the afikommen for the children to find..it was those children who hid it from us. Something simple..and seemingly fun.

A sign. A symbol. The times and tables have turned. The baton is being passed. From us to them. It's soon to be their world.