Three Heads

Or - they could be a family. Two boys and a girl.

The eldest keeping his younger siblings always in line. The youngest - the only girl - leading the bunch with her endearing sweet smile. The middle - as middles are so like to be - squeezed..sometimes lost in between.

They could be out for an afternoon stroll. In the garden. In the park. They could be on their way to school - marching in a perfect line and all together. They could be posing. Perhaps for a family portrait. In perfect form..the happy three.

Or - they could be two young drakes fighting over a one single duck. Attracted like magnets to her scent..each wishing to be the victor and that duck's chosen first mate. 

One might be a jilted love..trying to win back the heart of his girl. It may be she who's holding all the cards and playing hard to get.

Or - what do you see?

If there was a story to tell..what would it be?