Two Branches

Love birds..once. Who feathered their young nests.

Together they’d been for longer than they’d ever been apart. They’d shared a house..a mortgage..a beda life. In their younger years they’d hatched their little love-bird babies. Nurtured them..raised them..helped them grow wings and watched them fly. The nest was now empty. They were now free to be.

There they sat now perched. Each on their own separate branches of that same tree. Joined by a singular trunk..a shared historya family. Tied by their life stories. And yet singular..independant..apart. No longer needing in the way they once did..but still needing one from the other. Something intangible. Something that words couldn’t possibly express.

Sprung forth and into spring.  A new season..a new year.. filled to the brimming with new growth. Together they continued on..on their life's journey..their next chapter of their long story. Together they once were. Together they are. Together they will always be.

Love birds..still. Re-feathering their mid-life nests.