There were three of them. A little bent. A lot grey. Out and about..and enjoying this beautiful spring day.

Couldn't help but wonder. Who they once were. What lives they'd once led. What stories they might tell..if I'd have taken the time to stop and listen. They smiled and laughed and turned their faces to the warm sun. As they'd done - I was quite certain - so many times before. How many seasons had they witnessed? How many lives? How many loves had they lost?

And - yet - there they walked. With a certain grace and elegance that spoke to their younger years. Perhaps once beautiful. Perhaps once daughters and wives..and mothers who cooked and cleaned and raised children with patience and love. Perhaps professionals - inspirational ground-breakers in their fields.


As I hurried past - always in a rush to get to where it was I thought I was going - I wondered if there was a time and day when they - too - had a big destination in mind. A place they needed to be. An appointment waiting. Someplace..somewhere - other than this.

Their smiles - altho lined and wrinkled and filled with life's stories - were somehow contagoius. Such pleasure and joy in simply being alive. In breathing. In once again - being lucky enough to witness new spring. Its rebirth and renewal. Its welcoming warmth.

Life just doesn't get any better than that.