Although known by his many attributes, Ganesha is revered as the 'Lord of Beginnings'..thus the reason I thought appropriate for today's 'beginning' as I add and incorporate some daily words and writing with my daily images.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Caught betwixt two worlds and two poses. Somwhere between the busy days of raising a family and the quieter ones of older age. I'm in the middle. Too old to be young..and yet much much too young to be old. With children almost grown and gone..and a professional life that is ever-changing..I am finding myself - once again - at a crossroads and a new beginning. Re-inventing. Re-creating. Re-designing. Seeking solid footing on an ever-shifting ground.

Betwixt and between..and in transition.

Write - a voice is beckoning. Write. Write all about it. This uncharted territory..these unknown waters. It's all new. Terrifying. Exciting. Sometimes exhilarating..oftentimes - not. Filled with endless possibility. Coming from a place and space that has so defined me..and entering into another that has yet to be revealed.

As a part of a collaborative group- I've been putting my thoughts and feelings and words out there for awhile now. It's time to bring some of that writing back home.

Practice - in all of its magical metaphorical shapes and forms. It has become a fundamental and defining element of my life. Daily - I practice the lessons I learn on my  mat. I practice creating..capturing the world thru my camera's lens. I practice cultiavting presence and awareness and looking and really seeing what it is that I'm looking at. It's time to add one more piece to this 'daily practice'. To simply write.

About the transition. About the uncertainty. About the growth and change and evolution. Before entering into the next age and stage - there is so much to be learned in thie everyday and in between.

A blank page. A fresh start..and with the mind of a beginner. Adding to all is here that I'll write. A daily dailogue and conversation. About the transition. From one pose to another..and wherever that may lead.