Elusive Balance

And so - what happens when the shoes that you've been wearing for so many years..no longer fit? When the identifying lables and titles no longer define?

It's not as if I'd been working 9-5 in a structure and scheduled environment. I haven't. As my own and toughest boss..my time and scheduling of it has always been my own - work or play. Work was often and always mixed in between the fun and family juggling. Play was often elusive and somewhere to be put when there was nothing other.

In the beginning - it was daunting. Overwhelming. So many hours in a day to fill. What would I 'do'? Who would I 'be'..if not who I always was?

With time - I've grown accustomed to the new routines...the freedom. When one door closes..another opens. A universe of opportunity and creativity. No rules. No guides. Just me and whatever I want to do. Whomever I want to be. However I choose to make my day.

Finding the perfect balance often eludes me. Finding what to create - does not. A whole new world..awaits. And - I'm finding exactly what to 'do'..even if I no longer know who or what will 'be'.