Images of Elizabeth Taylor have flashed across today's screen.

As a girl - such sweet innocence and beauty. Those eyes!!

As a young woman - a sultry seductress. Irresistible in so many ways.

And as an older...aged..ailing version of her younger self. Sadly worn. Bedecked and adorned in expensive jewels that often looked as clumsy and oversized as she did. Perhaps she wore them as a reminder of all that glitter - those hollywood lights - of her youth.

I was a little young to have enjoyed most of her big screen performances..but nonetheless - as a Hollywood heroine I remember her as reigning queen. Along the way - I lost track of the number of times she was married and divorced and re-married after that. But even still - she has always remained in my eyes as a  legend  - of sorts -  of her day and time.

Sad. All that glitters is not gold. Apperances can be deceiving. In spite of all of that external beauty..I imagine she struggled inside. Battling the pressures that accompany fortune and fame...fighting many of her own internal demons and wars. Unlike so many others - she at least lived a reasonably long life - if not a particularly healthy and happy one.

It's made me stop and ponder 'beauty'. What it is..and how fleeting. How important..and how so not.

A raised glass..a small toast. To a hollywood life..and a 'beauty' that was.

* * * * * * * * * *

And - yes - it's snowing again here in Boston.