If Not Today

Slowly - as if wanting to savor every moment and mouthful - she worked her way thru the sweet dessert that adorned her plate. Deliberately..and in the most unhurried way - as if there was nothing else but this in her day that she had to do..nowhere else to be. No computer. No phone. No one to entertain...or with whom to make small talk conversation.

I watched - with an uncertain sense of envy. Being simply there..without having to be anywhere else.

At the coffee express counter - people coming and going. Impatiently awaiting their caffeine jolt and cup of sweet java. Cell phones buzzing. Multiple conversations happening all at once and the same time. Altho the line was orderly..chaos and disorder ruled.

I tried to imagine myself sitting. Simply sitting and sipping and chewing and swallowing. Tasting.  I thought how nice it must be to have that kind of luxury..that space..that time...without that never-ending list awaiting.

And then - as if something I'd never quite thought before - it occurred to me that whatever is waiting will wait a little longer. That my list is never-ending. That all there really is..is time. It's one of those unexpected gifts of being found here in this middle.

My coffee I requested to be served as to 'eat in'..and with it - a slice of homemade..freshly baked pie.

When else..if not today.