Expecting Nothing

The alarm rang reminding me that we've changed to daylight savings. The morning was still dark.

The calendar declared it official. Today marks the first full day of real spring.

But the radio - it told of a different story. A one that forecasted winter snow and sleet and miserable and cold rain.

Would have..could have been so easy. All I had to do was to pull those covers up and over my head...declaring this day a one not worthy of getting myself up that early and out of bed. So rarely do I ever offer that up to myself as a possibility. Always something somewhere calling my name.

The bed was warm. The day was grey. And - without any great hope or expectation..I rose to meet it. The snow continued to fall...creating an unexpected sugar coating. And the swans that had returned in search of spring and nesting..must have needed to fly and search for higher dryer grounds.

Their grace and beauty never ceases to astound. Their beating wings take my breath away - their sound and their fury.

I expected nothing...but - oh - look what I found.