Falling Petals

Still feeling my way into this practice of daily writing. The inspiration is - at times - hard to come by. The fresh new material - nowhere to be found.

Thirty days - I've heard it said - of showing up with regularity before it becomes habit. There are days when I think - no problem..I'm almost there. And then there are others - when I'm simply not sure that I'll ever be.

Certainly hearing my voice..seeing my words before me - is hopeful and encouraging. An indication that I can.

I'm reminded of fear. About how it can render even the most fearless among us speechless. It lurks..and hides..and shows up when I least expect or want it. After each one conquered..there is always another that follows. Another fork..another twist..another turn. Another edge.

Quietly - I'm sitting with it..letting it all in..trying my best not to push it away. Observing. Trusting in myself..in this process.

As each petal falls and finds its own soft landing..I can feel that fear subside.

I've tested the waters. I've dipped my toes. Nowhere else to go but to jump-in and swim.