Five Grandchildren

96 years young.

When she gets truly old - she liked to say - she's going to sleep in and a little later into her day. But for as long as she's as young as she is..she'll continue to rise before the sun. The day - after all - is awaiting.

Legally blind..needing assistance to drive to and from the pool - she was  a daily regular. A true inspiration. It's all about how it is we see and perceive ourselves. It's all about what it is we choose to fill our heads with..on what it is we choose to focus.

She'd certainly had her share of life's hardships and losses. Living a long life - is never easy. No one escapes the pleasure and the pain. But she - she - was filled with spirit..true grit and absolute determination. There was nothing that was going to deter her from her morning swim. Altho she accepted her aging body..she didn't let it defeat her. One smiling foot in front of the other..she kept on going.

This morning - the first morning that I can remember - she was absent. It wasn't until later in the day that I learned she'd passed away. the middle of her night's sleep. And - as much as I'll miss seeing her day after day - there is something almost nice knowing that t it all happened just as it should.

Two children. Five grandchildren. Fourteen great ones after that.

A full life..and one that was lived to its fullest.

96 years young.