Pears and Other Girls

Funny how it is. How I know that I'm all grown up with a grown-up family and a mortgage and other adult commitments and responsibilities. And yet - I'm still that child-at-heart. Still Still believing that I have a whole life ahead of me to be whom ever I want to be. What ever.


This growing..changing..evolving. It doesn't end. It is forever beginning. One age and stage..and then another - each one bringing with it life's unique gifts.

Returning and re-visiting spaces and places that once played such an important and significant role in forming me. With an uncertain wisdom. Believing that I know better who I am today..but not really knowing anything at all. Believing I have answers..but - in truth - they are only questions turned around.

Recently I had just that opportunity. To be found again in a place in which I was once so lost. To be reminded of who I once was ..and who I still am..and who I might someday still become. What energized and excited me. What kept me awake at night - with hope and dreams and grand master plans.

Mostly - it was a reminder that I'm still me. A little older..a little wiser. But still - that same child inside.