Street Smarts

As if I'm the interloper..the trespasser..the intruder in their universe. As if they invented the wheel..created it. And - it's me who has no clue.

Yes - it's true. This is a new and different and very brave new world in which we're all living. I remember a time and a day before personal computers and cell phones and cable TV. When music was recorded on vinyl. When our news came to us on a printed page. When a busy signal chimed while we dialed our hard-wired phones.

Friends were friends who lived next door..sat at our tables..shared our lives. We were happy to have a handful..and a few more than that. Twitter was what awoke us in the mornings. The sweet songs of the earliest-rising birds. And social networking was what was done over drinks in bars or cocktail parties..and nowhere else.

As much as the language and means of communication has changed - still so much remains the same. Our generation did their best to shock and surprise the one before. Peace. Love. No War. Rallies on college campuses. Music that spoke to change..that rocked and talked and shook the solid ground on which we walked.

They think this is new..what they are doing..what they stand for and believe. This - their world. It's no different than ours. Patterns and life-cycles. It's what each up and coming one does. I've been there..done this. I've seen it. I've grown thru it..and now - am finding myself on the other side.

I can feel that baton being passed from one to the other. Theirs to run with. No longer ours.

Yes - it's true. It is a brave new world. But - really - when you think about there anything at all that's changed?