Morse Code

No - you're not seeing things. Yes - you've come to the same ol' same ol' place. One of the things I've wanted for this new year is a fresh new look and a fresh new site. A white page awaiting for me to fill it with color and life.  

I'm still getting acquainted with my new home...arranging and re-arranging the furniture..painting the walls and adding the all-important finishing touches. It is - like me - a work in constant progress.

The best part of this new studio space is that it not only offers me a new window..but also a little 'Shoppe' in which anyone can stop in and visit. Not yet up and running..but stay tuned for its 'Grand Opening'!!!

Today - a little more fun with shape and size and simple arrangements.

And - as always - thanks to you'all for your ongoing support. Without you - this wouldn't be possible.