Rain's Embrace

Seeking enlightenment....seeking answers...seeking truth.

They set out on their journey hoping to find what it is they were looking for. Searching for something more..better..greater.

On the first day the sun shone brightly. They thought that this was easy....that this was it..that they'd found the light. They celebrated. They danced. They declared their mission accomplished and prepared to turn themselves around.

And then - there came the endless rain.

A chamber of echoing silence. An empty and colorless palette. A wet and cold and damp embrace. It really wasn't as easy as they'd first believed. They found themselves lost in their search and on their journey. They were too far from home to simply return from whence they came.

Without  knowing which way to turn..they stood very still. They listened to the quiet. They took it all in and looked and saw everything around them..but really couldn't see anything at all. They felt the  warmth that only the rain can bring.

For the first time - there was calm..there was balance..there was peace. What is is that they were seeking...they found within.

Dontcha just love the rain?