Sit Beside Me

Come..I've saved a spot for you. Come...and sit beside me. Come...and I'll tell you a story.

Over there - that was once filled with rows and rows of endless corn. We loved to play in between its growing stalks...where we couldn't be found..nor could we be seen.

And - over there..on the other side. That was once a pasture filled with cows - lazily grazing.

Beyond that - were rows and rows of trees. An apple orchard there was once blossoming and blooming.

There was a house. A big one. Filled with the sounds and smells and tastes of home. We had - there - everything we ever needed. We had - there - just enough. Enough beds. Enough food on the table. Enough clothes to keep us warm and dry. Enough laughter. Enough tears. Enough love.

Come...and sit beside me. Come..and I'll tell you a story of a life that once was.