If I Would

It's getting to be that time. When one year winds it's way down to make space for one that's new. When one door closes and another cracks itself open.

It was all there before me. The in-between. The no-one-thing..the nowhere. There was only cool blue mist and fog and quiet magic.

And then one. And then another. They each appeared. One exiting..the others entering.

If I could..what would I have done that I didn't - in this year that's gone by? If I would...what should I do in this year to come?

There's time still - I thought - for self-review and self-assessment. There's time still - to look back...and even more time and space to begin looking forward.

For now and for today - I'm right here in this present. In the nothing and nowhere and in the middle. For now and for today - it's all perfectly imperfect and okay.