Surrender and Hope

Prayer flags - I thought. An endless field of whites - strung together and suspended on nothing other than the thinnest of thin threads.

A secret message - I imagined..I wanted to believe.

Perhaps they are a call to world wisdom and strength. Or perhaps - for those who happen by and see them - they are a wish. For long  life...for good fortune..for health..and abundant wealth.

Or - perhaps it isn't quite as complicated as all that. Perhaps - someone thought to hang these like this to fend off the long winter that will soon be upon us. Perhaps they're meant to keep us warm and safe and dry.

The ground..the trees..the sky. Nothing but faded browns and greys. The whites - came as a welcome interruption..somewhat of a  surprise.

And - I really don't know why I stopped to photograph them. I don't know what it was that captivated my thoughts and imagination. But that - there - in the middle of it all...they somehow appeared to me to be a story of surrender and one of hope.

Maybe not prayer flags..but something else?