Three Sages

I'd been walking round and round. I'd lost my compass and internal sense of direction. I couldn't find my ground.  I didn't know where it was I was going..or if I'd ever again be found.

So it was -  I thought to stop. Be still. Right here...and right now. The answers to the questions I'm seeking - are sure to be around.

And it was right then...and right there that  they were. Out of the quiet..out of the darkness..out of nowhere -  three white sages appeared.

Follow me -  the first one said. I'll lead you down the road to riches and a bounty of glittering gold.

But - if you follow me - the next one offered....I'll teach you all there is to know. I'll lead you to a higher academic degree. To prestige and glory and fame.

I shook my head. I wasn't sure. I didn't know.

And then - there was one more. A quieter one...a one who waited in the deepening shadows. He - held out his hand and asked  - too - that I follow. Beckoning...

But - where to?

He said he couldn't make any promises...that he wasn't sure where it was that I was going. Those questions - he said - could only be answered by me and myself alone.

But - he's sure that if I held his hand..if I believed and trusted in he and the process - he'd lead me right back home.

To where my heart lives. To where I'll know.