Unseasonal - they're calling it. The dazzling light. The air much warmer than it typically is at the end of this month of November. My feet shuffled lazily through the piles of leaves. Listening to their sound..smelling the distant piles burning.

The calm before the storm. The weekend before the homecoming.

I couldn't help but to reflect remember.

The little girl - squealing in delight as she is sent  higher and higher up into the sky. Her first joyous taste of free flight.

The bigger girl - her head thrown back...her legs madly pumping. Altho at the time she didn't know it - she was learning about her power and her strength...about trust in herself...about freedom. 

The teenage girl - spinning herself in gentle soft slow circles...toes brushed against his..knees accidentally knocking. A shy glance. A first romance. A kiss that will never be quite forgotten.

The young woman - feet then rooted...pushing that same swing. Reminding her little ones to hold on tight....that their adventures are just beginning....that their lives are awaiting.

This woman - older and wiser...betwixt and between. Solidly planted and right there in the middle. Looking back. Looking forward.