Leading Lady

Whereas all of the others had lost their color - she remained. The last one standing.

Solid and rooted in the ground beneath her. Limbs reaching and stretching..offering up her energy and grace. Even in the grey and cold and damp and rain..she endured. A one singular final bright light.

I couldn't help but wonder. From where it was that she got her strength? Her beauty? How it is that she stood so full of color..while those around her were so clearly fading in the night?

I wondered about what sustains us. I wondered about the beauty of long life. I wondered what lessons I might take and learn from this leading lady..and this last flicker of autumn's hues.

Tomorrow - she'll have all but disappeared. She'll be nothing but a blend of browns and faded ash and greys. But for today - I couldn't help but capture her last glorious bow. Her last golden glow. Her last deep exhale and sigh. Her last breath - farewell.