Abbey Road

It was just the other day. Shamelessly - I was eavesdropping on a couple of kids..listening in on their conversation. One was telling the other about a trip up to his parents attic..where he came across the biggest 'CD's' he'd ever seen and found.

He went on to talk about the 'pictures' on their cardboard covers. How strange and bizarre. He couldn't quite figure it out and piece it together. What they once had been? Why they were still up there collecting dust and taking up space? Why anyone - his parents - would be holding on to such things?

I could feel myself nodding my head..smiling. I remember. The lost art...and that of the LP record and its jacket cover. As much a part of the was the music itself.

Paul and Ringo...John and George. How is it possible that this 'younger' generation doesn't know 'Abbey Road'?

I thought to jump attempt to offer up answers to their explain. And then - I thought about how - someday - they'll be listening to the youth of their day who will be - no doubt - wondering about the antiquated 'cloud'.

And - why is it that the cold and wet turkeys crossed to the other side of the road?!?!? Maybe this generation knows?!?!?