In Wonder

Present. Alive and awake...and fully aware.

The autumn mist. The river - flowing. The sun - rising. The day - beginning. The faint and distant hum of the morning birds as they spread their wings across the sky.

I was fully there - in that still and quiet. That -  I know for sure. My feet were firmly  planted. My eyes and ears - carefully attuned to my surrounds. But - there I that still and quiet and with all of the presumed answers stretching out before me - asking the truest and hardest questions.

Am I - I wondered - really seeing? Am I listening? Am I feeling the beat of my heart? Can I hear its wants and wishes and wildest dreams? Am I open enough and prepared to receive?

No answers.

Only questions.

And - the sun rose over the river horizon. And - the birds came. And the birds - went. And - there I stood - in wonder.